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Why I've Always Been Silent About Israel and Palestine. And Why I'm Speaking Out Now. | Narratively, October 14, 2016. view

How I Stopped Obsessing Over Food | Cosmopolitan, July 2016. view

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Forgiving the Men Who Sexually Abused Me | The Forward, October 15, 2013. view

Forgiving the Man Who Killed My Brother | The Forward - The Sisterhood, September 15, 2013. view

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Learning From My Bat Mitzvah, 17 Years Later | The Forward, May 25, 2013. view

It Happened to Me: I became celibate to heal from sexual abuse | xoJane, May 22, 2013. view

When Shiva Ends, Mourning Really Begins | The Forward, May 5, 2013. view

"'Word is, you look for the KIDS.'" | Narratively, May 2, 2013. view

Legends Never Die | Narratively, May 2, 2013. view

Starving for Passover | The Forward, March 22, 2013. view

Forging Your Own Body Image Against Society's Stereotypes | Greatist, March 6, 2013. view

It Happened to Me: Lady Gaga Tweeted My Poetry Video About Eating Disorders | xoJane, December 27, 2012. view

Plastic Perceptions | Narratively, December 20, 2012. view

Overcoming Trauma in the Throes of an Eating Disorder | Making Connections, Summer 2012. view

The Real 30 Things Women/Womyn Should Have and Know Before Turning 30 | The Huffington Post , April 30, 2012. view

Can “Complementary” Currencies Save Us From the Next Crash? | Big Think , Nov. 9, 2010. view

Implant Memory Chips in Our Brains | Big Think, Oct. 7, 2010. view

Guyanese in Queens diversify Mormon church | Queens Chronicle, Jan. 7, 2010 view

Hindus adjust a modern ritual in an ancient world | The Columbia Journalist, Nov. 9, 2009 view

Ramadan means good business for Hindus in Queens | New York Globe, October 2009 view


“Fierce This House." Shatter Your Image: An Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories. Spring 2017. view

“Free." OPEN: A Toolkit For How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be by Gemma Cairney. February, 28 2017. view

“For Maggie Estep," "Trigger Warning," & "To the poet who said, 'I want to make love to a raped woman.'" Radius Lit. March 27, 2015. view

“Reunion” & "Drowning" If and Only If. January, 2015. view

“For You” Germ Magazine. October 3, 2014. view

“Fat” Germ Magazine. August 22, 2014. view

“All I Did Was Press Delete In Microsoft Word: In Case It Is Unclear, I Deleted Most of the Words From Eric Schlosser’s “The Prison-Industrial Complex” From The Atlantic, 1998, Without Altering the Chronology of What Was Left and It Still Made Sense As a Poem." APIARY Online. February 18, 2014. view

“My Whiteness." HEArt Online. Current Issue. view

“For Bernie Madoff” and “Opaque." Poetica Magazine. Spring 2013 Print Edition. view

After Leo Tolstoy. Self-published, 2011.

“Phalanx.” Van Gogh's Ear For Music. The Excelano Project 10th Anniversary Edition Chapbook, 2011.

“How to Rekindle the Girl,” “womens,” “Week in Review.” Static and Other Lungless Things. Poems by the Intangible Collective. Penmanship Books: November 2009. view

This Book Wrote Itself. Self published, 2009.

“You Could Be Next.” The Intangibles: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire, 2009.

“The Slut.” The F-Word Volume , Issue , 2007. view

What I Learned In College. Self published, 2006.

“Jewish Assimilation.” Kedma: A Journal on Jewish Thought, Jewish Culture, and Israel Issue Number , 2006/5766. view


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