Body Empowerment Series

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Recovered since 2004 from a 10-year long eating disorder, Caroline Rothstein has been sharing her experience as a public speaker and advocate for over a decade. She has been a resource person for The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associate Disorders (ANAD) since 2000, speaking about her struggle and recovery, and supporting patients and loved ones of those suffering with eating disorders.

In 2008, Caroline began the “Body Empowerment“ video series on YouTube to expand conversation about eating disorder recovery and positive body image. She posts new episodes on the first and third Mondays of every month, and welcomes viewers’ questions, comments, and ideas in this ongoing dialogue. Additionally, she runs the “Body Empowerment” Tumblr blog, which includes her personal work and related links by others that promote eating disorder prevention, recovery, and positive body image.

Changing the Series Name (Body Empowerment 1)
Eating McDonald’s French Fries!!! (Body Empowerment 2)
Anxiety and Checking (Body Empowerment 3)
Inpatient/Outpatient (Body Empowerment 4)
Satisfaction With Food (Body Empowerment 5)
Talking to Friends and Family About an ED (Body Empowerment 6)
ED Behavior Beyond Food (Body Empowerment 7)
Response to negative comments from a viewer (Body Empowerment 8)
Outlets (Body Empowerment 9)
Self-empowerment (Body Empowerment 10)
Life Changes (Body Empowerment 11)
What are we trying to purge from ourselves? (Body Empowerment 12)
Recovery Websites (Body Empowerment 13)
Scales (Body Empowerment 14)
Gratitude (Body Empowerment 15)
Telling Friends (Body Empowerment 16)
Peace Within (Body Empowerment 17)
Behavior (Body Empowerment 18)
New body (Body Empowerment 19)
Finding the Root (Body Empowerment 20)
Response to a Question (Body Empowerment 21)
Response to a Question about Recovery (Body Empowerment 22)
Just Being (Body Empowerment 23)
Update, Request, and Answer to a Question (Body Empowerment 24)
Patience, Perseverance, Perspective (Body Empowerment 25)
Recovery and exercise (Body Empowerment 26)
Shopping For Food (Body Empowerment 27)
Media, body image, societal pressures (Body Empowerment 28)
Shame (Body Empowerment 29)
Not Relapsing (Body Empowerment 30)
Definition of Recovery (Body Empowerment 31)
Causes of My ED (Body Empowerment 32)
Maintaining Recovery, Avoiding Relapse (Body Empowerment 33)
Objectification and Sexism (Body Empowerment 34)
Stopping ED Behaviors and Dessert (Body Empowerment 35)
Being a Woman (Body Empowerment 36)
Women in the Work Environment (Body Empowerment 37)
The Three Ps (Body Empowerment 38)
Intuitive Eating and Joyous Environments (Body Empowerment 39)
To Internalize, or Not To Internalize (Body Empowerment 40)
Feeling vs. Looking Good (Body Empowerment 41)
Healthy Recovery Routines (Body Empowerment 42)
Freedom and Renewal (Body Empowerment 43)
Forgiveness (Body Empowerment 44)
Binge Eating Disorder (Body Empowerment 45)
“How Not To Purge” (Body Empowerment 46)
The Body Is Not An Apology: Part I (Body Empowerment 47)
The Body Is Not An Apology: Part II (Body Empowerment 48)
Resolution vs. Revelation (Body Empowerment 49)
EDs = Social Justice Cause (Body Empowerment 50)
Milestones (Body Empowerment 51)
Support Systems (Body Empowerment 52)
Denial (Body Empowerment 53)
“Compassion (For Every Year)” (Body Empowerment 54)
Redemption (Body Empowerment 55)
Honesty (Body Empowerment 56)
Government & Weight Stigma (Body Empowerment 57)
Breathing (Body Empowerment 58)
Working Through Work (Body Empowerment 59)
Emotions & Food (Body Empowerment 60)
The Body (Body Empowerment 61)
Movement (Body Empowerment 62)
Nurturing & Sustaining Body Self-love (Body Empowerment 63)
Passions (Body Empowerment 64)
Body Ownership & Citizenship (Body Empowerment 65)
NYC Soda Ban (Body Empowerment 66)
The Movement (Body Empowerment 67)
SELF Acceptance and Recovery’s Ebb & Flow (Body Empowerment 68)
Luxury (Body Empowerment 69)
Holidays (Body Empowerment 70)
Enhancing vs. Escaping (Body Empowerment 71)
“Drop In & Grow It” with Ayo Cummings (Body Empowerment 72)
“Emasculation & Race” with Justin Woo (Body Empowerment 73)
Body Image & Social Justice (Body Empowerment 74)
Feeling Contained (Body Empowerment 75)
“Live Well. Sleep Well” with Nancy Rothstein (Body Empowerment 76)
Overeating (Body Empowerment 77)
“Generational Trauma” with Ynanna Djehuty (Body Empowerment 78)
Remaining Intuitive (Body Empowerment 79)
“Psychodrama” with Valerie Simon (Body Empowerment 80)
International No Diet Day (Body Empowerment 81)
“Feeling the Mind/Body Connection” with Adrienne Glasser (Body Empowerment 82)